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Sobre nosotros | About Us

Quienes somos

( ES ) Copasetic, que significa "totalmente satisfactorio", es un café, bar y restaurante del barrio Eixample Esquerra.

El espacio refleja una conciencia sostenible, con un interior vintage inspirado en los años 20 hecho a mano con materiales ecológicos y un menú creado a partir de ingredientes de origen local, en su mayoría orgánicos con muchas opciones sin gluten y sin lactosa.

Who We Are

(EN) “Copasetic” means “completely satisfactory,” exactly the kind of experience we aim to provide. The space reflects our sustainable consciousness, from its vintage, ‘20s-inspired interior crafted using ecological materials to a menu created from locally sourced, mostly organic ingredients.

The menu takes a clear Mediterranean base (Therry is Greek and Omar is Catalan) but defies easy categorization. Simply put, we have included everything we love to eat: freshly made soups, sandwiches, crepes, salads and gour­met hamburgers (made from organic beef, free range chicken as well as a “fishburger” with gluten free options) Vegetarian options include a Veggie Burger or the Sauteed Organic Quinoa with veggies. Gluten-free dishes include crepes, pancakes or the carrot cake.

We offer breakfast & brunch & lunch on weekends from 10:30 until 16:30 and weekdays from 11:00 until 15:40.

Choices include English breakfast (eggs, bacon & beans), French (tortilla, croissant & marmalade) and Greek (yogurt, honey & walnuts), Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, pancakes and more. The ecological coffee is locally sourced and available with lactose-free or vegetarian milk.

Dinner is served from 20:00 until 23:30

Ecological living doesn’t mean no drinking; indeed Copasetic’s motto is “Cocktails & Food.” Sample hangover treatments like a Bloody Mary or Mimosa or classics such as a Piña Colada or Fruit Daiquiri. The Gin & Tonic menu deserves special mention: pick your base (Tanqueray for 7.50 euros or Hendrick’s for 9 euros, for example) and combine with mint & cucumber, grapefruit & red pepper or any other of a dozen combinations.

But don’t leave without giving a little back: contribute just 60 cents or 1 euro for a “suspended” coffee or sandwich that Copasetic will give to someone in need.

Cheers and waiting to see you soon!